The sea turtle conservation volunteer program in Panama seeks to improve and diminish the negative impact created by the lack of awareness and care of this marine species and the environment that surrounds them. Join us in helping protect the sea turtles in Playa Venao. 

All Year

Beach Patrols

Help us monitor the beach for new nesting sites. Daily morning patrols available during the nesting season. If a nest is identified we will either build a temporary shelter around the nest or relocate it to our nursery. 

All Year

Educational Outreach

Join us to learn more about the Tortugas Playa Venao and ways to get involved. Workshops will be held at partner hotels in the local area. Contact us for information on the next workshop or educational program. 


Nest Relocation

Current data shows less than few hundred baby turtles have made it down to the ocean in the past year at natural nest sites. In some cases, we’ve reported as many as 7 nests laid in one night but all have fallen to poachers, dogs, and tractors on the beach. Help us relocate the nests to safety at our nursery.


Nursery & Hatchery

Help us operate our nursery at Eco Venao. So far, we have collected and relocated almost 25,000 eggs in just 2 years. We’ve had as many as 500 babies released in a single day. 


Sea Turtle Volunteer Programs

Help us oversee and manage the sea turtle nursery. Short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities available for marine biologists, school students, community service hours, including discounted accommodation packages at venues throughout Playa Venao.


School Membership & Volunteering

Bring your school or class to Playa Venao for an unforgettable 4-day or 7-day hands-on learning experience with an itinerary and programming designed to match your goals.