Sea turtles play a key role in the marine ecosystem at global level but they face a number of threats. Worldwide low numbers indicate these species will not survive unless efforts are put in place to conserve the marine ecosystems, especially those considered as key habitats.

Major Threats



Sea turtles and their eggs are killed by people throughout the world for food, and for products including oil, leather and shell.



Dogs, birds, and crabs can eat sea turtle eggs and baby hatchlings as they make their way to the sea.



Human development projects can reduce the amount and quality of available nesting habitats for sea turtles.


Climate Change

Climate change will increase the frequency of extreme weather events and increase the temperatures of nests.

Conservation Initiatives

Our mission is to protect and conserve all species of turtles that visit the beaches of Playa Venao through the following initiatives:

Community Commitments

Collaboration amongst residents and visitors in Playa Venao can help make a big difference in increasing the survival rates of sea turtles. Collective efforts include:


Show your support

A little goes a long way.

We are a donation-based, volunteer-led organization. All financial contributions from the community goes directly toward supplies for the hatching nursery. Learn more about the initiative and support the Tortugas Playa Venao conservation program on our GoFundMe page.